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Online Counselling & Therapy

Christina provides safe and confidential online Telehealth counselling & therapy sessions for single women who feel they lack self-assurance and find themselves stuck in toxic dating patterns, attracting unhealthy partners. 

Christina also uses these same principles to support couples who may be experiencing conflict or would like to deepen their bond with their partner.

No referral needed.

Walk in nature

Individualised Programs

Coming Soon!

Our tailored short-term programs suit individuals looking to jumpstart their transformation journey. Choose from 6, 8, or 12-week options, blending face-to-face/online therapy, workbooks & resources, one-on-one calls, and access to our supportive Facebook group. Stay tuned for enrollment details.

"I design my programs based on scientifically supported theories and techniques, enabling the process required to predict and explain client behaviour. Identifying patterns early on, allows for tailored interventions to meet individual client needs effectively and provides clients with the tools that they can implement into all areas of their life, which will ultimately lead to long-term positive change.”

​Areas of expertise

  • Avoidance Behaviours

  • Unhelpful Thinking Styles

  • Anxiety, Self-Esteem & Confidence

  • Unhealthy Dating Patterns

  • Attachment Styles/Disorders

  • Underlying Trauma

  • Subconscious Memories

  • Restructuring/Reframing

  • Healthy Boundaries 

  • Fears of Abandonment 

  • Trust Issues 

 Christina uses various therapy types including-
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Attachment-based Therapy, Schema Therapy, and Couples Therapy.


Take the first step in your journey of healing and positive change

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Christina Thornley Psychotherapy
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
ABN: 85 357 619 958

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