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Welcome to Christina Thornley Psychotherapy

Christina Thornley Psychotherapy is a private therapy practice based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  Christina provides evidence-based online counselling and therapy sessions.


"I empower single women who have struggled to find security in relationships to transform from feeling insecure, lost, and hopeless to becoming confident, eager to date, and excited about the future. With a history of failed relationships, experiences of abuse, and anxieties about what lies ahead, they often lack self-assurance and find themselves stuck in toxic patterns, attracting unhealthy partners. My program aims to guide women towards breaking these patterns, cultivating self-confidence, and ultimately finding healthy, secure relationships where they can thrive." 


As a fully qualified and registered Psychotherapist, and experienced Behavioural Practitioner, Christina is dedicated to supporting the emotional and psychological well being of all her clients, so they are able to reach their full potential in life.

Christina's approach to therapy is gentle, compassionate, and person-centered.  With focus on the root causes of life's adversities, in conjunction with evidence-based therapies and interventions, Christina is able to understand you as a whole; mind and body.  Her sessions focus on providing you with deeper understanding, developing healthy coping strategies, helping you to build your own resilience, and working towards healing and positive change.

Christina Thornley Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Behavioural Practitioner, Therapist
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Confidence In Love's Pursuit: Empowering Single Women

BSc (Psychology), M.Counselling, ACA registered (level 2)& Grad. Dip. Medicine (Sexual & Reproductive Health) - current
Meet Christina


Christina works with clients facing a variety of issues and challenges including but not limited to-

Anxiety, Self-Esteem & Confidence

Unhealthy Dating Patterns

Fears of Abandonment &
Trust Issues 

Avoidance Behaviours 

Attachment Styles/Disorders


Unhelpful Thinking Styles 

Underlying Trauma & Subconscious Memories

Setting Healthy Boundaries

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Friends by the Lake

Psychotherapy is beneficial to those experiencing a range of mental health issues or life challenges. 

During these difficult and challenging times, choosing therapy & counselling with a Psychotherapist will not only help to improve your emotional and psychological well-being, but will help to facilitate positive change in your life for the long term. 

Visit our 'Why Choose Therapy' page to discover how therapy might be beneficial to you, and help you with what you are facing.

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Christina Thornley Psychotherapy
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
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